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Saint Paul Lutheran Church


214 Third Street SW
P.O. Box 708
Pine Island, Minnesota 55963

Office Hours:  Mon - Fri, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Phone:  1-507-356-8925

Senior Pastor:  Darby Lawrence
Administrative Secretary:  Lori Weis

Office Assistant/Organist/Accompanist:  Diane Webb

Financial Administrator:  Jodie Shanahan

Financial Secretary:  Jeremy Marquardt

Custodians:  Lonnie and Audrey Sather

Directors of Education:  Laura Gathje and Tracy Barsness

Director of Music:  Doug Strandell
Chancel Choir and Praise Team Director:  Doug Strandell
Bell Choir Director:  Joe Jackson
Faith Journey Coordinator:  Joe Jackson
Children's Choir Director:  a director is needed for this position

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Church Council

President:  Julie Baska

Vice President: Jeff Schroeder 

 Secretary (2016):  Kim Aarsvold

Treasurer (2016):  Lowellene Jackson

Adult Education (2014-2016):  Sandra Grenell

Missions (2014-2016):  Mark Aarsvold

Youth Ministries:  Pam Holzer, Mike Hildenbrand


Worship/Music (2016-2018):  Becky Lohmeyer

Youth Education:

Building/Grounds: (2015-2017):  Eric Barsness

Communications (2015-2017): Tina Culbertson

Evangelism (2015-2017): Dana and Curt Njus

Elected Committee Positions

2014 Nominating Committee (will convene Oct/Nov 2015): Melissa Nelson, Kari Toft, Beth Kohner  

Audit Committee:  Dan Langworthy (2014 - 2016), David Egger (2015-2017)

Special Gifts Fund Committee:  Kari Toft, Beth Kohner, Dave/Jan Sween (2016-2018); Marsha Knudsvig, Michael Lunde, and Brenda Kiese (2015-2017); Tom Bollman, Karla Thompson, and Jeff Schroeder (2014-2016)

Voting Members for Cannon River Conference Assembly, Feb 14, Spring Garden Lutheran near Cannon Falls:  Dick Navatil, Sheri French, Low Jackson, Joe Jackson, Wendell Zwart, Judy Zwart, Ken DeBoer, Cathy Cocker, Melissa Nelson

Voting Members for SE MN Synod Assembly, May 6-7, Rochester:  Sandra Grenell, Mark Aarsvold, Doug Strandell  Alternate: Sheri French


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