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We are a quilt-making, mission-sending, coffee-sharing, Bible-studying, youth-teaching, Christmas-tree-selling member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).

OUR MISSION:  Called to be welcoming, loving, working people, guided by God's love – here, there and everywhere.

OUR MOTTO:  Encounter – Connect – Respond to Jesus 


2015 Summer Narrative Lectionary Timeline

2015 Summer Sabbath Brochure

Click here for a Scrip Order Form


Click here to view the full list of available gift cards

The 2015 order dates will be the 2nd Sunday of each month.

What is this, you may be asking?  It's a virtually painless way for us to raise some of the money needed for mission trips.  We can order cash/gift/scrip cards through the church.  We pay face value for the cards.  We get the full value of the card.  Our mission fund gets a little percentage (on top of the card) for selling us the card.  Some percentages are small and some are bigger, but even the smaller amounts add up.  For example, I buy 4 cards to Shutterfly.  It costs me $100.  I get gift cards worth $100.  Our fund gets an additional $9.  Since I'm sure I will spend that money at Shutterfly, I am not out anything.  And my parents are 92 years old.  They don't want 'stuff' for Christmas.  But they do go out to eat at Applebees.  So I can buy gift cards to Applebees through our church.  I'm happy - easy shopping.  They are happy.  And our fund gets an extra 8% on top of it.  Most area businesses that participate are listed on the form -- but there are tons more that are not -- there is a web page address on the form where you can search for your favorite hotel, or for a restaurant near wherever YOUR parents live.  The 'fine print' is there, too.  For example, I don't shop at Walmart very often -- but I do shop at Sam's, and the Walmart card works at Sam's.  

You print and fill out the form that is here:  (or hardcopies are at church).  Add it up.  Write a check.  Turn it in at church.  The cards are nearly always here 4-5 days after we order.  We order about once a month.

If it makes sense, offer this opportunity for easy cash/gift card shopping to your friends -- it's a great chance to talk about our mission trips!

As of July 31, 2013, only 10 years left on the mortgage! Our mortgage is through the Mission Investment Fund,

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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Mailing Address:

214 Third Street SW
P.O. Box 708
Pine Island, Minnesota 55963

Phone: (507) 356-8925

Click here to send us email.